Thermal 80 x 80mm Till Roll

How to Measure a roll Measure the height of the roll in mm. Measure it carefully to ensure that it will fit the cavity of your till, if in doubt refer to your manual / user guide. Measure the full diameter of the roll, including the core. All our rolls are listed height x diameter so if your height is 57 mm and your diameter is 40 mm, type 57 x 40 into the search bar and it will take you to all we have available in that size. By Till Each till has a make and model number usually attached by a label on the side or the back. Just use the drop down menus to look for your make / model. By Box If you have an existing box of rolls then the size or code will usually be shown either on a label or pre-printed on the box. Type the size or code into the search bar.

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