Sistema Klip It Jug 2 Litre

Store and serve your juices, with this Sistema Klip It jug (2Ltr).
This jug is perfect for storing and serving juices for breakfast buffet services or at home. The airtight seal and two clips of the jug keep juice fresher for longer, unlike the flimsy plastic top of juice cartons. Featuring a filter over the lid, you can ensure no pulp or seeds from the juice leaves the jug and spoil your drinks. There is an easy pouring tube on the lid, preventing spillages and lowering your levels of waste. The plastic handle aids pouring, lowering the risk of spillages. The BPA free plastic means you can ensure nothing unnatural is contaminating your food.
Great for storing homemade freshly squeezed juice, this jug is a great piece of equipment from specialist brand Sistema.
Product features
Capacity 2Ltr
Dimensions 170(H) x 110(W) x 275(D)mm
Material BPA free plastic
Weight 250g
Colour Clear
Seal tight compact storage containers
Microwave safe (lid is not microwave safe)
Combinations of containers can be stacked
Rubberised seal and locking clip
Twin clip action to open and close
Dishwasher and freezer safe

Price £12.29 exc vat
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