Radnor Hills Spring Sparkling Water 24 x 500ml (Plastic Bottle)

Radnor Hills Spring Sparkling Water 24x500ml
84 cases per pallet - rates available upon enquiry
The source of Radnor Hills lies in the old county of Radnorshire in Mid Wales. In this very under populated area, the water is able to filter naturally through layers of rock to achieve its exceptional taste and purity. As you enjoy our products you will be consuming one of the natural wonders of Mid Wales.
Pure Welsh Still and sparkling mineral water
Extracted and bottled at source, in the Welsh hillside.
Typical Analysis (mg/l):
Calcium 62
Magnesium 6.8
Sodium 28.3
Chloride 14
Sulphate 10.9
Nirate 12
Potassium 1.6
Total Dissolved Solids: 214

Other Information

Store out of direct sunlight.
Ambient shelf life: 24 months still / 9 months sparkling
Best served chilled.

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