Cutan Gentle Wash Peach Washing Lotion 1 Litre

Aromatherapy Energise Soap Deb Cutan Gentle Wash Lotion is a hand wash specifically formulated for use in healthcare environments. Cutan is the Deb brand under which products are supplied to the health sector and workplace environment. All products have been designed to maximise convenience and ease of use whilst retaining high levels of performance and outstanding cost in use.
Features & Benefits
High emolliency, formulated specifically for frequent use in healthcare environments.
Pleasant to use, rich, creamy soft soap and light perfume leaves skin feeling pleasant after use. Contributes to increased hand washing compliance.
Mild cleansing, contains mild cleansing agents to keep the skin clean and fresh.
Lather boost formula, produces a rich, creamy lather to facilitate rapid and effective skin coverage.
Sold in cases of 6 x 1000ml cartridges.

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1 Litre