The Cheeky Panda White Toilet Roll 3 Ply

Luxury Bamboo Toilet Tissue White 45 Rolls The Cheeky Panda 100% FSC Bamboo Toilet Tissue Classic White 3 Ply 45 Rolls, sustainable, highly renewable and rich in Bamboo Goodness: soft, strong, anti-bacterial, skin friendly. 5 packs of 9 rolls The Cheeky Panda 100% Bamboo Toilet Tissue (45 rolls in total) Did you know that People consume 27,000 trees on toilet tissues per day? Did you know that there are more than 100,000 chemicals used in commercial tissue and wipes? Some chemicals such as B.P.A. carrying potential health hazards are in wide variety of recycled toilet tissue. Bamboo grows 20-30 times faster than Trees. Bamboo is skin friendly and an excellent alternative fibre for producing tissue products. The great properties of bamboo include: Sustainable, fast renewable & biodegradable Soft and skin friendly, super absorbent Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and odour resistant Hypo allergenic, perfect for sensitive skin
The natural skin friendly properties in virgin bamboo with no additional recycled mixture of other materials in the product means The Cheeky Panda tissues are very hygienic, luxuriously soft and kind to your bum! We source the material from FSC® certified bamboo forests that are not the same type of bamboo that Pandas eat. Product details:
This product contains 5 packs of 9 rolls (45 rolls in total) 100% natural bamboo, sustainable, skin friendly 3ply, 180 sheets per roll, 120 grams per roll (20% more than leading recycle brand!) Luxuriously soft and strong FSC® 100% certified 100% biodegradable

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