Paper Towels Versus Electric Hand Dryers

Paper Hand Towels Vs Hand Dryers

Did you know that improper Hand drying in public washroom facilities, especially in healthcare settings and high footfall areas could seriously affect your health?

The World Health Organisation confirms that Paper Hand Towels are the most hygienic way to dry your hands.  More importantly that modern hand dryers are dangerous for spreading germs and contaminating the air around us.  It has even been reported by the University of Leeds that the airborne germ count was 27 times higher around jet air dryers in comparison with the air around paper towel dispensers.

The HM Government 'Working safely during COVID-19 guidelines' issued 11th May 2020 further emphasises handwashing, sanitation, and washroom facilities.  Extra precautions are being put in place to help us transition after lockdown safely, and drying hands needs to be considered as vital as handwashing.  Wet hands not dried properly can be as dangerous as those not washed at all, hand towels used to dry hands carry the same catch it, kill it, bin it method that tissues have when you sneeze.

Paper Hand Towels not only clear our hands of more stubborn bacterial residue, but they also have a limited risk of further spreading germs when disposed of properly.  Did you know that the 3 main things that encourage the spread of germs are Warmth, Moisture, and Time?  Hand Dryers provide the ideal environment to not only grow bacterial but also to spread it with blasts of air!