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DissolveMark Shelf Life Label - 51x76mm

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51mm x 76mm Dissolve Mark Shelf Life Label DayMark DissolveMark™ Use By / Shelf Life Label, 250/Roll
This label features a use by / shelf life format and has the innovative Dissolve-A-Way adhesive of the DissolveMark line. The entire label will dissolve in any temperature of water in under 30 seconds, saving you scrubbing time and leaving behind no residue that could harbor harmful bacteria.
Dissolve-A-Way Adhesive
Completely Dissolves in Water in Under 30 Seconds
100% Biodegradable
Working Temperature Range: -40°C to 80°C

List price: Price £13.70 exc vat
Price: Price £13.70 exc vat
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Stock Code: 8010311
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