Protective Hand Care

Florafree Skin Conditioning Cream 1 Litre

Price £98.61 exc vat
SKU: 2501047

Helps to prevent sore and chapped skin often associated with cold, wet and warm working environments, plus frequent hand washing as regularly encountered in the food industry.
A blend of top quality cosmetic material including fatty alcohols, waxes and white oils, leave a desirable soft feel to the skin.
Non-fragranced – Suitable for use in the food industry.
Non-Greasy – Ointment based cream is easily and quickly absorbed into the skin leaving a non-greasy after-feel.
Refined Lanolin Derivative – Acts to replace lost moisture and help keep the skin supple.

List price: Price £98.61 exc vat
Price: Price £98.61 exc vat
Weight: 6.5 kg

Cutan Fragrance Free After Work Moisturising Cream 1 Litre

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SKU: 2501046

Cutan Moisturising Cream Fragrance Free Formula - Minimises the potential risk of skin irritation and allergic reaction.
Hypoallergenic - Product has undergone review by a toxicologist and declared to meet the standard required
of a hypoallergenic product.
Hygienic - Ultrasonically sealed cartridges help prevent cross-contamination.
Dermatologicaly Tested - Proven to be non-irritant.
Regulatory Compliance - Complies with Directive 76/768/EEC. Not tested on animals.
Economical – Each 1 litre cartridge provides up to 1,000 doses of cream.

List price: Price £84.19 exc vat
Price: Price £84.19 exc vat
Weight: 6 kg
Stock Code: 2501046
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Stock Code: 2501047
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