Multi Purpose and Hard Surface Cleaners

Hand & Surface Disinfectant Wipes (150)

Price £36.56 exc vat
SKU: 3501105

A dual-purpose alcohol-free wipe for cleaning and sanitizing hands and hard surfaces.
Indirect food contact safe. Ideal for use in food preparation areas.
The formulation remains active on the wiped surface for 30 days, enhancing infection control procedures.
Kills 99.9% of all bacteria including E-coli, Salmonella, Listeria, MRSA & P.Aeruginosa.
Being alcohol-free makes them suitable for use in Halal establishments.
Tested to BS EN13727, BS EN1276 & BS EN1438.

List price: Price £36.56 exc vat
Price: Price £36.56 exc vat

Ecolab Maxx Magic 2 1 Litre All Purpose Cleaner

Price £186.52 exc vat
SKU: 5560731

Ecolab Maxx Magic 2 Super Wetting Multi Purpose Cleaner

High concentrated, label-free* product which requires less safety training, documentation, storage and related costs.

- Floor Cleaner floor super concentrated ph neutral rinse free floor and surface cleaner for heavy duty soiling maxx magic2 triple strength.
- Streak free formulation

- Removes dirt quickly
- Effective in low concentration (from 0,25%) to reduce cleaning costs

List price: Price £186.52 exc vat
Price: Price £186.52 exc vat

Eco-Bac Cleaning Wipes x150

Price £254.63 exc vat
SKU: 5560109

Disinfectant wipes
Impregnated with the disinfecting agent
Alcohol-based tissues
Quick and simple surface disinfection
Prevent contamination during daily processes
Disposable tissues


List price: Price £254.63 exc vat
Price: Price £254.63 exc vat

Virabact Red Refill Flask 750ml

Price £14.62 exc vat
SKU: 5580611

A liquid cleaner with a powerful bactericide for use in cleaning and sanitizing.

Provides quick, easy cleaning and sanitizing for all food preparation surfaces, microwaves, chopping boards, cupboards, fridges and freezers.

List price: Price £14.62 exc vat
Price: Price £14.62 exc vat

V-Mix multi-purpose concentrate 1ltr

Price £66.00 exc vat
SKU: 5550161

Concentrated multi-purpose cleaner in a 1 litre container.

General purpose cleaner safe for use on all water washable surfaces, leaving environment smelling fresh with its pine fragrance. Fast acting formula can be diluted and used in a trigger spray bottle for easy application or in a bucket for wet mopping systems.

List price: Price £66.00 exc vat
Price: Price £66.00 exc vat

CIF multi surface cleaner aerosols 400ml

Price £35.44 exc vat
SKU: 5510164

Keeping your front-of-house clean and tidy is a great way to give guests an overall positive impression of your business. This aerosol multi-surface cleaner by Cif Pro Formula offers excellent cleaning abilities that help to keep your lobby areas, guestrooms, and dining room looking pristine. This professional cleaner contains anti-static agents that help to prevent dust from collecting on your screens, hi-fi, and modern furniture. This ensures long-lasting dust protection to help keep your furniture looking immaculate at all times.

List price: Price £35.44 exc vat
Price: Price £35.44 exc vat

Taski Sprint Spitfire heavy duty cleaner 750ml

Price £69.79 exc vat
SKU: 5510134

Heavy duty alkaline cleaner for alkaline resistant hard surfaces. Simultaneously removes grease and oils as well as takes tough stains out. Quickly and efficiently removes mineral and vegetable oils as well as petrol stains. Efficient stain remover; removes ink, marker, pencil, lipstick, black heel marks, smoke films, greasy food, and other tenacious stains, leaves a pleasant odour. Ready to use spray application which leaves surfaces free of residues.

List price: Price £69.79 exc vat
Price: Price £69.79 exc vat


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