Mini Food Display Boxes 300cc x750

Price £158.10 exc vat
SKU: 6030186

This 300cc Mini Food Display Box (115 x 90 x 35mm) is perfect for salads, snacks, crackers, fruit and more offering maximum protection, space utilisation and flexibility. Made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET 50%). 100% recyclable and is a proven and recognised BRC food grade material. Suitable for frozen application and temperature range -40C to +70C.

List price: Price £158.10 exc vat
Price: Price £158.10 exc vat

Fresco Salad Containers 500cc

Price £70.75 exc vat
SKU: 6030272

The Anson Fresco Salad Containers range is an economy pack with a difference. The stylish design and appearance belie its price point. This every day range is available in a wide variety of sizes and has unique fork fitment and stacking features.

List price: Price £70.75 exc vat
Price: Price £70.75 exc vat
Weight: 6.5 kg

Medium Coalesce 1000cc Pack

Price £80.75 exc vat
SKU: 6030420

A large "Coalesce" kraft container/tray with hinged clear plastic lid with a 1000ml capacity. The unique design gives excellent product visability with the clear hinged lid and offers a solution to many packaging needs as the lined cardboard tray is suitable for wet salads and sushi.

List price: Price £80.75 exc vat
Price: Price £80.75 exc vat

Geranium & Lavendar Hand Wash 500ml

Price £117.81 exc vat
SKU: 2501229

Choose from a sulphate-free handwash based on cleansing tea tree extract with top notes of geranium and lavender descending to a sumptuous heart of sandalwood, patchouli, exotic spices, rock rose, moss and tonka.
Lightly aromatic, our Geranium & Lavender recipes include cleansing tea tree extract to revive your skin. Choose from a sulphate-free handwash, scented hand cream or our titanium-free, triple-milled soap bar.

List price: Price £117.81 exc vat
Price: Price £117.81 exc vat

Vogue Open Cup Dishwasher Rack

Price £33.17 exc vat
SKU: K908

500 x 500mm
Dishwasher rack with open profile design gives superior washing, complete rinsing and fast drying.
COMP DIMENSIONS: 500(W) x 500(D) mm
COMP WEIGHT: 1.22 kg
Washes cups, dishes and containers in one go
Rounded corners
WebClassCode: C6
WebClassName: Cleaning Equipment
WebSectionCode: S100

List price: Price £33.17 exc vat
Price: Price £33.17 exc vat


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