Wrapmaster Baking Parchment Refill for 4500 Dispenser 45cm x 50m

21C32 Wrapmaster baking parchment 45cm x 50M Refill One dispenser - two food wraps! Saves time and space. The perfect accompaniment to any professional kitchen! Duo provides the opportunity to dispense two material types from one dispenser PEAS-logo-WINNER-2016 Takes up 40% less space than two dispensers Dispenser incorporates new easy-to-load refill feature Has all the key features and benefits of a Wrapmaster dispenser, i.e. health and safety, enclosed blade, portion control, dishwasher safe (90°C) Takes full range of refills including PVC and PE cling film foil, foil lined and baking parchment greaseproof, roasting film and non-stick foil Only takes Wrapmaster refills The Wrapmaster Duo can dispenser: Cling film Foil Parchment Non-Stick foil Foil lined parchment Roasting film

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