Fab Little Bag Biodegradable Sanitary Bag

Seal away tampons and pads with our biodegradable sanitary disposal bags, FabLittleBag™. FabLittleBags allow individuals to hygienically transfer soiled feminine hygiene products to a PHS sanitary disposal unit.

When FabLittleBags are used in conjunction with a PHS sanitary disposal bin, you can be sure you protect the environment by diverting hygiene waste away from landfills, through our LifeCycle Strategy.

To help the environment, FabLittleBag™ and other sanitary waste collected by PHS Group is diverted away from landfills to be transformed into sustainable energy. Through our LifeCycle Strategy, we partner with Energy From Waste plants across the UK, who transform your waste into sustainable energy and hot water for homes, schools, factories, and hospitals.

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