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Katrin Classic White Hand Towel Zig Zag 2 Ply

Price £51.51 exc vat
SKU: 2001056

Quality Interleaved (Zig Zag, V-Fold) hand towels 2-Ply, white Self presenting towels, one sheet at a time which is hygienic and helps to reduce consumption Suitable for low to medium traffic areas Handy Pack - Smart packaging with ergonomic grip makes it easy to carry thousands of hand towels in one hand Approved for direct contact with food Certified under the Nordic Swan Eco Label Certified under the EU Flower Eco Label

List price: Price £51.51 exc vat
Price: Price £51.51 exc vat

Tork Xpress Extra Soft Multi Fold Hand Towels

Price £80.06 exc vat
SKU: 2001062

Provide superior hand drying and comfort to your guests with the large and soft Premium Tork Xpress Soft Multi-fold Hand Towels that are gentle to the hands with a high-quality feel. These towels are suitable for the Tork Xpress® Multi-fold Hand Towel Dispenser for medium-traffic washrooms. It fits into small spaces and provides both comfort and hygiene to your guests.

List price: Price £80.06 exc vat
Price: Price £80.06 exc vat

Tork Advanced Soft Hand Towel Roll 150m

Price £138.34 exc vat
SKU: 2001063

Comfort your guests with the Advanced Tork Matic® soft hand towel roll. It gives a good hand drying and has a nice grey leaf decor embossing. The rolls are suitable for the Tork Matic® Hand Towel Roll Dispenser, developed for easy maintenance in high traffic washrooms. It saves time and controls consumption by one-at-a-time sheet dispensing.

List price: Price £138.34 exc vat
Price: Price £138.34 exc vat

Tork Hand Towel Roll for Electronic Dispenser 143m

Price £125.93 exc vat
SKU: 2015068

The Electronic Dispenser for Tork Hand Towel Rolls provides one-at-a-time dispensing that reduces consumption and improves hygiene. The Advanced rolls have a high capacity which ensures paper availability, and is ideal for busy washrooms like those in schools and airports.

List price: Price £125.93 exc vat
Price: Price £125.93 exc vat


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