Glass And Metal Cleaners And Polishes

V-Mix glass and mirror cleaner 1 Litre

Price £66.00 exc vat
SKU: 5550180

Vmix Super Concentrate Glass & Mirror Cleaner 1 Litre is an all-purpose cleaner for glass and mirrors. The advanced formula ensures a smear-free finish with minimal wiping. Free from abrasives so will not damage delicate surfaces. Ammonia free so pleasant and easy to use.

List price: Price £66.00 exc vat
Price: Price £66.00 exc vat

Selden glass cleaner 480ml

Price £45.67 exc vat
SKU: 5543216

Selden Glass Cleaner is a fast drying alcohol glass cleaner.

It leaves no greasy film, is non-smear, and removes static from VDU's.

Selden Glass Cleaner is quick and easy to use.

It is ozone friendly and does not contain chlorofluorocarbons.

Where can you use Selden Glass Cleaner?

Selden Glass Cleaner is ideal for cleaning windscreens, windows, glass doors, mirrors, VDU screens, display cabinets, etc.

How do you use Selden Glass Cleaner?

Shake can well before use.

List price: Price £45.67 exc vat
Price: Price £45.67 exc vat

YH03 Jeyes glass cleaner super concentrate 2ltr

Price £32.23 exc vat
SKU: 5510072

Super Concentrated 2 Litre for use in Jeyes Professional Dosing Systems

  • Equivalent of 28p per 500ml bottle
  • Kills bacteria including MRSA
  • Removes dirt and grease 
  • Non-smear
  • For use on washable hard surfaces
  • pH neutral
  • Conforms to EN1276

Jeyes H3 Glass & Multi Surface Sanitiser kills bacteria including MRSA whilst also removing dirt and grease from a variety of water washable surfaces. Specially formulated to dry smear and streak free making it ideal for use on windows, glass, and mirrors.

List price: Price £32.23 exc vat
Price: Price £32.23 exc vat

Ecover Window & Glass Cleaner 500ml

Price £34.65 exc vat
SKU: 5510030

This high quality, window and glass cleaner is also suitable for use on chrome and mirrored surfaces. A more environmentally friendly alternative, this cleaner is made using plant based ingredients. Cutting through grease and grime this cleaner comes in a 500ml trigger spray for ease of application.

List price: Price £34.65 exc vat
Price: Price £34.65 exc vat

Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner Aerosols 400ml

Price £52.27 exc vat
SKU: 5510013

Gentle enough to use on a range of surfaces without damaging the finish, Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner removes dust, dirt and smudges, leaving surfaces highly polished. This pack contains 1 handy 400ml aerosol spray for domestic or professional use.
Removes dirt, dust and smudges from sensitive surfaces
Designed to remove dust, not the finish
Supplied in convenient spray can

List price: Price £52.27 exc vat
Price: Price £52.27 exc vat


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