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Coronavirus has put a stop to the way our Restaurants and favourite eating spots work, customers are no longer allowed to eat in and have been limited to takeaway and home deliveries only. Thankfully, the World Health Organisation has released an update, stating that the likelihood of contracting Coronavirus from packaging that has been moved, travelled, and exposed to different conditions and temperatures is very low.
As long as efforts are being made to ensure that social distancing measures are in place, that food packaging is handled in line with normal food safety practices and that cleanliness is key then you are permitted to serve the public. We have put together this list of Food Packaging and Takeaway products that include Napkins, Hot Drink Cups, Takeaway Containers, Paper Straws, Disposable Cutlery and more to help you with this change.
Please get in touch if you have a requirement for a product not shown and we will do our best to help you.

Food Packaging and Takeaway

Standard Kraft Clamshell Burger Box 108x108x70mm

Price £51.00 exc vat
SKU: 6082187

6082187 01/CSB1A standard clamshell burger box kraft
Standard Clamshell (kraft)
Optimum product protection for one hamburger or pie
Neutral disposable packaging, non-printed
Recycled, recyclable and biodegradable paperboard
Can be individually adjusted according to customers’ desires and needs

The packaging is delivered nested (units inserted into each other).
Dimensions: 108/89 x 108/89 x 70 mm
Packaging unit (piece): 250

Base material: Paperboard, kraft

List price: Price £51.00 exc vat
Price: Price £51.00 exc vat

Microwavable Plastic Take Away Food Containers with Lid 1 Litre

Price £29.47 exc vat
SKU: 6085250

Perfect for a range of catering applications, Our Plastic Microwave Containers are manufactured using high quality plastic, include completely sealable lids and are totally microwave safe and ideal for those situations where you need to heat food fast. Plastic food containers from Microfast offer high quality microwaveable containers in standard and heavy duty grades. These plastic containers have a multitude of purposes with uses within the fast food industry as plastic takeaway containers, as well as food storage for kitchens and catering establishments.

List price: Price £29.47 exc vat
Price: Price £29.47 exc vat

No 1 Foil Container 650cc

Price £29.88 exc vat
SKU: 6085688

6085688 12020 No 1 foil container
No. 1 Aluminium Foil Food Containers

Aluminium foil food containers are food safe, perfect for take away foods such as Chinese, curries and rice, they are popular in the catering industry and widely used in the food manufacturing industry.

Because they are made from thick aluminium foil they can be frozen and cooked in conventional ovens (Please note that these are not suitable for microwave use.)

List price: Price £29.88 exc vat
Price: Price £29.88 exc vat

No6A Poly Lid for Foil Container

Price £11.81 exc vat
SKU: 6085671

NO06AP No6A Poly Lid for Foil Container The foil food containers and lids for safe food packing prevent any leakage. Keep the food warm and fresh. Easy to carry. Thick examined foil prevents the hands from burning if the food is hot.

List price: Price £11.81 exc vat
Price: Price £11.81 exc vat
Weight: 3.6 kg


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