Food and Takeaway Containers

No 2 Foil Container 14.6cm

Price £41.50 exc vat
SKU: 6085707

No.2 Foil Container
A rectangular aluminium foil container no. 2 is popular for many types of food products from take-away to ready meals.
Ideal for rice, curry, Chinese foods and any food that needs re-heating in the oven at home.
Not suitable for microwave use.

List price: Price £41.50 exc vat
Price: Price £41.50 exc vat
Weight: 5 kg

Tuck Top Salad Small Elegance Pack

Price £70.68 exc vat
SKU: 6082198

6082198 01/SP1TPK Tuck top salad box 825ml
Small Tuck-top Salad Pack, Kraft
Optimum product protection for salads and pre-prepared salads
Neutral disposable packaging, non-printed.
Attractive presentation
Can be individually adjusted according to customers’ desires and needs.
The packaging is delivered nested (units inserted into each other).

List price: Price £70.68 exc vat
Price: Price £70.68 exc vat
Stock Code: 6082198
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Stock Code: 6085707
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