Fast Food Trays

Kraft Meal Tray

Price £44.08 exc vat
SKU: 6085380

Kraft Food Trays
The Kraft Food Tray range offers a more earthy image and is complemented by our edenware® compostable range of cups and wooden/compostable cutlery.
Made from virgin food grade paper board.
Non Printed kraft no plastic linings consti

List price: Price £44.08 exc vat
Price: Price £44.08 exc vat
Weight: 7.6 kg

Medium Coalesce 1000cc Pack

Price £34.65 exc vat
SKU: 6030420

A large "Coalesce" kraft container/tray with hinged clear plastic lid with a 1000ml capacity. The unique design gives excellent product visability with the clear hinged lid and offers a solution to many packaging needs as the lined cardboard tray is suitable for wet salads and sushi.

List price: Price £34.65 exc vat
Price: Price £34.65 exc vat
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Pack Size:
Stock Code: 6030420
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Stock Code: 6085380
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