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Tork Premium Liquid Mini Mild Soap 475ml

Price £35.96 exc vat
SKU: 2501249

Ideal for normal hand washing in for example washrooms in offices, hotels, restaurants and public areas. It is a mild, creamy soap, dermatologically tested, with rich and creamy lather which is economical in use. Tork Premium soap Liquid Mild is an all-purpose soap.
Long lasting up to 1000 washes per cartridge: low maintenance
Mild perfume: leaves hands clean and fresh
Gentle: prevents skin irritation
Environmental license with EU ecolabel

List price: Price £35.96 exc vat
Price: Price £35.96 exc vat

Organic Certified Osme Nourishing Hand Soap 3 Litre

Price £62.35 exc vat
SKU: 2501147

An Organic Certified* hand soap ideal for daily use, just a nut sized quantity is sufficient to cleanse and deeply nourish the skin. For most Osmè products, the chosen base ingredient is the organic juice of fresh aloe vera, an active ingredient which plays an important role in soothing the skin.

List price: Price £62.35 exc vat
Price: Price £62.35 exc vat
Stock Code: 2501147
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Stock Code: 2501249
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