Mini Food Display Boxes 300cc x750

Price £158.10 exc vat
SKU: 6030186

This 300cc Mini Food Display Box (115 x 90 x 35mm) is perfect for salads, snacks, crackers, fruit and more offering maximum protection, space utilisation and flexibility. Made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET 50%). 100% recyclable and is a proven and recognised BRC food grade material. Suitable for frozen application and temperature range -40C to +70C.

List price: Price £158.10 exc vat
Price: Price £158.10 exc vat

Fresco Salad Containers 500cc

Price £70.75 exc vat
SKU: 6030272

The Anson Fresco Salad Containers range is an economy pack with a difference. The stylish design and appearance belie its price point. This every day range is available in a wide variety of sizes and has unique fork fitment and stacking features.

List price: Price £70.75 exc vat
Price: Price £70.75 exc vat
Weight: 6.5 kg

Medium Coalesce 1000cc Pack

Price £80.75 exc vat
SKU: 6030420

A large "Coalesce" kraft container/tray with hinged clear plastic lid with a 1000ml capacity. The unique design gives excellent product visability with the clear hinged lid and offers a solution to many packaging needs as the lined cardboard tray is suitable for wet salads and sushi.

List price: Price £80.75 exc vat
Price: Price £80.75 exc vat

Geranium & Lavendar Hand Wash 500ml

Price £117.81 exc vat
SKU: 2501229

Choose from a sulphate-free handwash based on cleansing tea tree extract with top notes of geranium and lavender descending to a sumptuous heart of sandalwood, patchouli, exotic spices, rock rose, moss and tonka.
Lightly aromatic, our Geranium & Lavender recipes include cleansing tea tree extract to revive your skin. Choose from a sulphate-free handwash, scented hand cream or our titanium-free, triple-milled soap bar.

List price: Price £117.81 exc vat
Price: Price £117.81 exc vat

Vogue Open Cup Dishwasher Rack

Price £33.17 exc vat
SKU: K908

500 x 500mm
Dishwasher rack with open profile design gives superior washing, complete rinsing and fast drying.
COMP DIMENSIONS: 500(W) x 500(D) mm
COMP WEIGHT: 1.22 kg
Washes cups, dishes and containers in one go
Rounded corners
WebClassCode: C6
WebClassName: Cleaning Equipment
WebSectionCode: S100

List price: Price £33.17 exc vat
Price: Price £33.17 exc vat

Vogue Stainless Steel 1/1 Gastronorm Pan 65mm

Price £14.12 exc vat
SKU: K903

Capacity: 9 Litres. GN 1/1. Full Size. Depth: 65mm
Can be used for cooking, storage, reheating, transportation, blast chilling, and presentation. Can be taken straight from the cooker to the freezer to the bains marie.
VatCode STD
Weight 0.85
COMP DIMENSIONS 530(H) x 325(W) x 65(D)mm
COMP MATERIAL Stainless Steel
Material thickness: 8mm - 20 Gauge
Simple and sleek design
Gastronorm sizes for maximum capacity
Use with Madrid (U008) and Milan chafing dish sets (K409, S300, S299)
WebClassCode: C10

List price: Price £14.12 exc vat
Price: Price £14.12 exc vat


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