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Stewart Plastic Funnel Clear 3 inches

Price £2.30 exc vat
SKU: K480

Designed with a wide mouth and thin spout, the funnel helps you pour liquid and fine-grained substances into containers and cookware, preventing spills to reduce wastage in your kitchen. Featuring a tab on the side, you can easily hook the funnel onto a utility bar for ease of storage. Made from a sturdy plastic, the funnel is also incredibly robust and hardwearing, allowing it to withstand rigorous use in any kitchen.

This is a very practical funnel from established and trustworthy brand Stewart.

List price: Price £2.30 exc vat
Price: Price £2.30 exc vat

Utopia Enoteca Martini Glasses 220ml (Pack of 6)

Price £21.52 exc vat
SKU: CW015

These martini glasses feature a large, generous bowl and a tall, slender stem to create an elegant silhouette. As such, these sleek glasses will help you serve your cocktails to customers with sublime flair and finesse. Dishwasher safe, these glasses also enable quick and easy cleaning, making them a fine combination of stylish and versatile glassware.

These martini glasses are supplied by specialist tableware brand Utopia.

List price: Price £21.52 exc vat
Price: Price £21.52 exc vat

Big K Restaurant Grade Charcoal 15kg

Price £21.05 exc vat
SKU: 8500035


ACH15 is our longest burning restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal, making it perfect for cooking during long service periods. ACH15 delivers over 3 hours of cooking time, and it burns to a white ash, producing a dependable, consistently high heat and burning to a white ash. ACH15 is our only restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal that’s authorised for use in Smoke Control Areas, as it burns with no smoke.

List price: Price £21.05 exc vat
Price: Price £21.05 exc vat

Big K Firelighters 14 Sticks

Price £3.50 exc vat
SKU: 8500037

Big K firelighters pack is ideal for getting your barbeque going and can be used with most open fires, camp fires and wood burning stoves.

14 segmented sticks, clean and convenient to use, comprehensive safety and usage instructions

Big K firelighters are safe to use and odourless so you can enjoy the authentic flavours of your BBQ.

List price: Price £3.50 exc vat
Price: Price £3.50 exc vat

Bonzer Can Opener

Price £6.24 exc vat
SKU: K393

Hand operated.
Can opener with bottle opener.
VatCode STD
Weight 0.165
Barcode 5023480000000
COMP DIMENSIONS 185(H) x 45(W)mm
Integral bottle opener

List price: Price £6.24 exc vat
Price: Price £6.24 exc vat

Panini Paper 330 x 270mm (Pack of 100)

Price £10.55 exc vat
SKU: GH038

330(W) x 270(L)mm. GN 1/2. Pack Quantity: 100
100 sheets of GN 1/2 sized paper for heating food in contacts grills, such as paninis and toasted sandwiches.
VatCode STD
Weight 0.411
Barcode 6414300000000
COMP DIMENSIONS 330(W) x 270(L)mm
Perfect for cafés and coffee shops

List price: Price £10.55 exc vat
Price: Price £10.55 exc vat

Kilner Clip Top Preserve Jar 125ml

Price £6.40 exc vat
SKU: GG780

Capacity: 125ml. Airtight clipped seal
The famous Kilner jar is durable and practical, with a metal clip top and rubber seal. Dishwasher safe and ideal for storing preserves, jams and pickles, as well as dry food stuffs like rice, sugar and flour.
VatCode STD
Weight 0.32
Barcode 5010850000000
Metal clip top

List price: Price £6.40 exc vat
Price: Price £6.40 exc vat


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