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Olympia Sugar Pourer With 19mm Single Spout

Price £4.66 exc vat
SKU: 8055433

Take a step back in time with this traditional American diner sugar pourer from Olympia. Constructed from shatter-proof glass on the bottom, this pourer is sturdy and will not break when dropped. The top is made from stainless steel and features a single long spout which allows small measures of sugar to be poured out with ease. The lid is polished all over, completing the retro design.

List price: Price £4.66 exc vat
Price: Price £4.66 exc vat

Eazyzap Replacement Fly Killer Bulb

Price £9.49 exc vat
SKU: AE978

This 13 Watt Energy Saving Bulb is designed to attract flies and pests to help maintain a hygienic environment, perfect for use in the EazyZap Energy Saving Fly Killers. When used with the EazyZap Fly Killers, the bulb attracts the flies which are then killed by the Fly Killer, helping you to keep sensitive areas such as bars, kitchen and front of house spaces free of pests.

List price: Price £9.49 exc vat
Price: Price £9.49 exc vat

Vogue Stainless Steel Stew Pan 12.5Ltr

Price £59.99 exc vat
SKU: M942

Cook bulk quantities of stocks, stews or sauces with the Vogue 12.5 Ltr stew pan - a truly professional utensil for reliable results and long-lasting durability. With strong welded handles and a reinforced pouring lip, the Vogue stew pot makes it easy to position, fill and empty - essential during a busy prep or service.

List price: Price £59.99 exc vat
Price: Price £59.99 exc vat

Olympia Enamel Pie Dishes Rectangular 180 x 135mm

Price £17.99 exc vat
SKU: GM511

Add character to your table setting with Olympia's range of blue and white enamel tableware. Crafted from heavy duty steel, this pie dish is coated with an durable, fused-glass coating, giving it a tough, smooth finish. Unlike other pie dishes, this dish is designed to take on a bump or two to create a unique, retro piece.

List price: Price £17.99 exc vat
Price: Price £17.99 exc vat

Interlocking Bar Shelf Liner

Price £7.29 exc vat
SKU: DM121

Protect your glasses from damage and speed up drying, with this Interlocking Bar Shelf Liner. Constructed from strong PVC plastic, this robust shelf liner resists damage and retains its shape for a guaranteed long life. The plastic is also of a cushioned nature, protecting glasses from smashing and cracking. The vents of the liner speed up the drying process of your glasses, saving you time while also preventing drying stains.

List price: Price £7.29 exc vat
Price: Price £7.29 exc vat

Olympia Whiteware Compact Jugs 85ml

Price £33.99 exc vat
SKU: C204

Creamers without handles save space, minimise breakages and offer a streamlined, modern design. As such, these attractive 85ml jugs from Olympia are an ideal way to serve everything from milk and cream to sauces. The jugs are designed with a minimalistic, white colourway that adds a crisp and sophisticated touch to your table services - being sure to spruce-up your dining room and help to create inviting spaces for guests to enjoy.

List price: Price £33.99 exc vat
Price: Price £33.99 exc vat

Olympia Chinese Tea Cups

Price £18.99 exc vat
SKU: CB495

Our great value pure white porcelain Chinese 2 3/4" tea cups by Olympia are fully vitrified for heat and shock resistance, the ideal crockery for hotels which want simplicity. This item is guaranteed by the Nisbets Edge Chip Warranty.

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List price: Price £18.99 exc vat
Price: Price £18.99 exc vat

Olympia Athena Narrow Rimmed Plates 205mm

Price £12.99 exc vat
SKU: CF362

Want to add a classic and stylish look to your table presentations? Then these 205(Ø)mm Olympia Athena narrow-rimmed plates are perfect for you. Designed with a crisp-white colour, the plates give you an understated backdrop that highlights the vibrant tones in your ingredients - giving your food presentation a true, gourmet look!

List price: Price £12.99 exc vat
Price: Price £12.99 exc vat

Vogue Apple Corer

Price £5.99 exc vat
SKU: CF920

Piercing apples has never been easier, thanks to this apple corer from Vogue. This professional standard 205mm kitchen utensil is formed of a corer with a serrated edge, allowing apples to be cored quickly, efficiently and immaculately to reduce your preparation time. The 'trough' shaped design means cores can be disposed of simply and quickly, helping you reduce mess in your kitchen.

List price: Price £5.99 exc vat
Price: Price £5.99 exc vat


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