Cake Cases

Plain White Cake Bun Cases 9.5cm

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Cake cases
White paper cases for
fairy cakes, cup cakes
or muffins.
Perfect cases for
perfect cakes. These
9.5cm (4”) diameter
white paper cake cases
are strong and grease resistant – just what you need
to bake delicious fairy cakes, cup cakes and muffins.
Essential equipment for any cake baker.

List price: Price £2.84 exc vat
Price: Price £2.84 exc vat
Weight: 3 kg

Tulip Brown Greaseproof Muffin Wrap Cases

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SKU: 6055157

Material: Special treated high density paper of pure cellulose, manufactured from TCF pulp with high chemical purity, brown mass colored. Tulip brown greaseproof muffin wrap cases 150x50mm Catering Quality Tulip Cupcake / Muffin Cases Pleated Cake Cases For Producing Large Muffins or Cupcakes, Easy To Remove Papers In A Variety Of Colours, each in a factory sealed sleave. Catering Quality Cases Chocolate Brown x 200 cases per sleeve Cases are approx 50mm at the very base and stand approx 85mm tall to the tips of the 'petals'

List price: Price £71.06 exc vat
Price: Price £71.06 exc vat
Weight: 3 kg
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